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Call ALLPRO Restaurant Hoods for installation of restaurant hoods and Fire Suppression Systems.  Servicing Nassau & Suffolk County.

The chances of an accidental fire breakout in a professional kitchen are much higher than in any other place. When people are working in busy restaurants, it is easy to slip up on fire protection protocols, that is why it is important to have a solid fire protection system in place. We installed an extremely reliable commercial kitchen hood and fire protection system.

When it comes to the installation of kitchen hoods for Restaurants, we consider ourselves to be the best. If the fire suppression blares alarm in the whole building and drenches the whole kitchen in a fire extinguisher, it can ruin the flow of the kitchen quite often. The kitchen fire suppression system is much more effective. It detects the exact spot of a fire breakout and extinguishes it then and there. We have experience in setting up the fire suppression in such a way that all the high fire probably places are covered. We have the training and license for the installation of a fire suppression system installation. We install fire suppression in a professional way that is well researched and effective.

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Designing the fire suppression system is a big task. Not everyone is knowledgeable enough to do it right. Every restaurant has a different interior, it takes a professional to set up a fire suppression unit that fits perfectly with your kitchen design. The fire suppression unit, not something easy to decipher. It takes someone with training and experience to install the system right. Whether you are installing a fire suppression unit for a new building or renovating an old restaurant, our team will make sure to install a fire suppression unit that works perfectly. We take an integrated approach towards planning out the design. Our build and fire protection experts will ensure all the possibilities are looked at. Whether it’s installing the restaurant hoods in the right plan, setting up alarms, automatic fire extinguishing sprinkler, and other fire protection components, we make sure to install them right. We will take care of all the code compliances, and legal responsibilities when it comes to fire prevention.


When you are setting up a fire protection system in your facility or restaurant, you will need an appropriate permit from the concerned authority. In general, in New York, you will need the approval of the design by a NY Licensed Professional Engineer or a NY Licensed Fire Sprinkler Contractor. When you need protection from the fire a lot is at stake. You need to appropriate permits to follow all the building codes. Permits also need an inspection done by professionals. Professionals will make sure the fire suppression unit is set up right. They will see what are the alterations made, and sprinkler design and ventilation to make sure the fire suppression is set up right. When you need permits let us know.

Hood Installation

We have experience in installing all kinds of hoods for your kitchens that are both aesthetically pleasing and effective in removing the fumes and grease that are produced in a kitchen. In addition, the fire suppression system makes sure a probable fire is taken care of as soon as it emerges and the work of the kitchen goes without any disruption. Unlike in a standard setting, fires often break out in a busy restaurant’s kitchen. When you need a reliable company to install a hood at your Long Island NY kitchen, call All Pro Restaurants Hoods. We have more than 30 years of experience in restaurant hood installation. WE are proud of the quality of work we provide and work towards building trust with our customers.