Ansul Fire Suppression System Inspection & Installation Long Island

If you want to make your commercial kitchen a safer space, the Ansul Fire Suppression system is the answer. Ansul fire suppression system is widely used in restaurant kitchens of Long Island to prevent fires in the kitchen. It is a prompt system and is effective in taking care of 98% of fires.

Restaurant kitchens are more vulnerable than any other commercial space. If you have been in a commercial kitchen, you can understand the rush inside. There are a lot of people moving around in a limited space. People are cooking, using kitchen appliances, and trying to keep up with the orders. People understand the need to have a reliable fire suppression system so they don’t have to worry about their employees getting hurt. It is not always people to rely on people to take care of fires, especially when some people have a great fear of fire. The Ansul system works smartly. It is perfect for restaurants to have.

All Pro Restaurant Hoods design your kitchen for proper installation of the Ansul Fire suppression system, acquire all the needed permits then install the restaurant hood. Ansul Fire Suppression System is often installed into the restaurant and it works hand in hand with the hood to detect serious fire and works towards taking care of it. It sets off on its own when there is a fire break out. The Ansul system sprays foamy solution which is effective in putting off fire caused due to grease. The Ansul fire suppression system and squished off and reprogrammed to do the job again without any professional help. Unlike fire extinguishers, there is no need to have to refill or rebuy things. We are here to take care of the installation of a fire suppression unit from start to finish.

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Ansul Fire Suppression System inspection is another thing we do. When it comes to fire prevention every commercial kitchen needs to comply with some safety standards. The inspection makes sure your Ansul system is always in good shape. Your Ansul systems need to be implemented and regularly inspected, typically semi-annually. This guarantees that staff and clients are safe. We understand the importance of having a safe kitchen environment. We have the needed knowledge and experience to inspect your Ansul system thoroughly. No Matter what kind of Ansul system you have, our abled technicians will make sure you get a well-documented inspection. We are licensed to give you certification after proper inspection.

Commercial kitchens are not a safe space by any means. The abundance of inflammable material in your kitchen makes it a fire hazard. If you haven’t yet installed an Ansul fire suppression system in your kitchen, it is time you do. It can prevent a number of fires and save you from life threatening accidents. We are delighted to deliver ANSUL fire suppression tech facilities to sales companies around and neighboring adjacent Long Island. You can count on us for all your business fire prevention and life safety needs with over thirty years of experience in the field.

When you install Ansul fire suppression system you get greater safety for your guests and customers. You get a faster response against fires. No one has to take the responsibility of putting off the fire, the Ansul system will take care of it. The response time will be quick so even before the fire spreads it could be taken care of. 95% of the cases, the fire could be put off without any human intervention. The damage will be minimum and recovery will be quick. It will save you a lot of trouble for a long time. Give us a call when you need the installation of the Ansul Fire suppression system in your kitchen.