Ansul Fire Suppression System & Installation Nassau County NY

It is not shocking that most of the fires occur in a commercial kitchen. Commercial kitchens such as kitchens of restaurants have fumes from the cooking items, cooking gas, heat, water vapor, and a lot of busy people working a close confined space, and mistakes are bound to happen.

The scariest part is if a fire breaks out the employees are greatly endangered. That is why the Ansul Fire Suppression system is often installed by restaurant owners to prevent fires. All Pro Restaurant Hoods are dedicated to the installation Ansul Fire Suppression system in your Nassau County restaurants. Ansul has shown an amazing ability to prevent small and big fires inside the kitchen. The automatic fire suppression Ansul unit is amazing at spraying out fire suppression solutions in an effective space. One of the most important parts is the proper inspection. There are a lot of options when it comes to installation. Many people choose to install a fire suppression system in their hood, some with getting it through the sprinklers. No matter what kind of design you want for your Ansul system we will get it for you. We make sure to install a sophisticated Ansul fire suppression unit to keep your employees secure and to protect your facility. We have in this business of installation of a fire suppression system in Nassau County NY for more than 30 years now.

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We are proud to be providing ANSUL fire suppression systems for commercial kitchens in Nassau County NY. You can rely on us for all your company fire protection and life security requirements with more than 30 years’ service in the field. We will design, acquire permits, and install hoods for your kitchen. Designing your hood installation and the kitchen in a general can do a lot in preventing your kitchen from possible fires. Whether you are installing a new kitchen or renovating an old one, All Pro Restaurant Hoods have the necessary resources, knowledge, and training to properly design and install the whole Ansul Fire suppression system. As far as permits are concerned, some permits are required to set up a fire suppression unit in your restaurant so as not to get code violation for poor installation. We also provide an inspection of the Ansul fire suppression unit so as not to get a code violation. If your kitchen has already gotten a code violation, we will make the necessary changes and help you remove the violation.

ANSUL fire suppression devices mounted within the kitchen hood, rapidly respond to fires that have become uncontrollable and totally extinguish them while reducing damage and damage. You will benefit from installing an ANSUL fire prevention system in your kitchen. It will give you greater protection from fire for your employees and visitors. It has a rapid-fire reaction, putting off the fire as soon as it is produced. It can prevent the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. Fast productivity with one or two-agent suppressants available. For example, not always the fire will be grease related, it can be from leaking gas or electricity, Ansul can have an alternative fire suppressor stored for such cases. It is set up with the ability to shut off gas and power with interlocking systems automatically. It will reduce injury and time for repair.

Speak to our experts today to hear about the benefits of ANSUL fire removal systems for your kitchen. Our specialists at Fire Systems in All Pro Restaurant Hood will help you if you install a fire suppression system to a new or current kitchen. We have a wonderful experience with the infrastructure at the implementation.