Restaurant Hood Installation Nassau County NY

The best restaurant hood installation in Nassau County NY

If you are looking for a company that provides excellent restaurant hood installation along with fire preventing system installation you have come to the right place.

We are some of the few companies that have trained and certified people dealing with hood installation and fire prevention in Nassau County NY. We are here to help you better your restaurant cooking environment. If you are setting up a new kitchen or organizing an old one, having a fire prevention system in place is extremely important. No matter how big or small your restaurant is, you must invest in a fire suppression system and proper hoods to prevent building code violations. If you get violations it can be difficult to remove them. We at All Pro Restaurant Hoods, we how to save you from possible fires and hence from violating building codes. We have helped thousands of kitchens all around Nassau County and we know what are necessary things restaurants need to take care of when renovating and setting their restaurants. Fire prevention is one of the few things they should be extremely careful about. Setting up the fire suppression makes sure even the smallest of fires are taken care of on time. The hoods will make sure the fire hazardous fumes are removed from the kitchen. Give us a call for the best hood installation and fire suppression system.

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Design is the first thing you need before you start anything. All Pro Restaurant Hood Professionals will design your kitchen so it sets up the fire suppression system and hood perfectly. You should be able to cook in the kitchen without having the fear of accidental fires. Our team is skilled and experienced in planning out the look of your kitchen, the placements of the sprinklers and hood on the ceiling for the best restaurant kitchen ever. Any firefighter will tell you how important it is to have a well designed commercial kitchen to prevent fires. There should be enough exits in the right places for people to evacuate in case the fire breaks out, there should be emergency lights, enough fire extinguishers of the right type, Ansul fire suppression systems, and sprinklers system in place to kill the fire before it spreads.


Yes, you will need permits from the local authority. The NY government takes fire prevention very seriously. If a fire breaks out, it is not only the lives of your employees that are in danger but thousands of customers in the building as well. It is absolutely necessary to prevent fire before it destroys anything. An effective fire suppression system in a commercial kitchen is necessary for any restaurant to operate. You will also have to get thumbs up from the appropriate authority. Let us take care of the permits. We will do all the file work and help you get all the needed permits so you can start your business without any violence or code compliances.

Hood Installation

All Pro Restaurant Hoods is one of the biggest restaurant hood suppliers and installers in Nassau County. We have a wide range of collection kitchen hoods you can choose from. These hoods can be hanged from the ceiling, mounted on the wall above the stove, attached to the stove, and so on. There are self-cleaning hoods, hood with unique design, and metallic or color hoods that can complement your kitchen aesthetics. We can install the one hood that goes the best with your kitchen. We take great care of your restaurant kitchen, installing hoods that are effective in doing their work and looking flawless, even elegant in your kitchen. Let us know when you need restaurant hood installation in Nassau County. Give us a call today.