Restaurant Hood Installation Suffolk County NY

Expert Fire Suppression and Restaurant Hood Installers in Suffolk County NY

Preventing fire in your kitchen and commercial building should always be your main priority when you want to save your employees and customers.

The first thing about preventing fire especially in a commercial kitchen set up is proper exhaust, installation of fire prevention system. All Pro Restaurant Hoods does that for you. We are a licensed restaurant hood installer in Suffolk County, NY. We have been in this industry for more than 30 years now. Your kitchen’s safety has always been our main priority. Listing to fire hazards and fire accidents are common in restaurant kitchens. People are constantly in heavy workload, fumes, gases, grease, heat all combined together have been a good thing. Things catching fire can happen when there is so much chaos in the kitchen. You can’t have fire alarms going off from flames rising from the kitchen stove when the chef is flambeing on the pan. The fire suppression system is intellectually designed and installed to put off the dangerous fire that can cause harm. The restaurant hoods are effective in removing all the heat, vapor, and fumes coming from the gas, and cooking food. The hood is strategically placed to remove as much of the fumes away as possible.

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Whether you are installing a hood in your restaurant or setting up a fire suppression system, the design is a big thing. Safety is always the main priority but you can’t overlook aesthetics. As someone who has designed thousands of restaurants in Suffolk County, NY, we understand how to design and plan the whole thing. We can determine the kind, shape, size, and design of the hood to be installed in the kitchen. We can decide where the hoods will be placed, how the sprinkler system will be placed, how the alarm and other fire suppression units will be placed around the kitchen. Our experts will study the kitchen and print out the design so you can give us any input if you want. Our planning is meticulous and done keeping the smallest of things in mind. We don’t want you to worry about the looks of the safety of your kitchen when you hire us.


We will acquire all the necessary permits needed before and after setting up your kitchen. We have some of the best people who make sure all the codes, rules, and regulations are followed while installation of the hood and restaurant fire suppression system. Our team will put in the effort checking and rechecking everything. If you are renovating after getting a violation, it is our duty to make the necessary changes to remove the violations. Let us know when you need appropriate permits before you start your business.

Hood Installation

We are great in restaurant hoods. Not only do we install the hoods, we also supply restaurant hoods. These hoods are reliable. They can be cleaned easily, they remove the heat, fumes, and grease quite well. When you trust us to keep your kitchen safe from probable fire, you can trust us to install hoods that will prevent possible fires. The hoods have been tested to do their best for proper exhaustion of the kitchen. All the harmful, smelly, and greasy gas will be removed without any issue. The hood will also have a warranty so you don’t have to worry about the longevity of them. We are a trustworthy company that is dedicated to giving you the best service possible. When you need a hood installed at an affordable price,without compromising on the quality of the hood, let us know. We provide free estimates with all the services. Give us a call today.